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Application [Aug. 4th, 2006|07:54 pm]
Measured Time
Your Name:
E-mail Address:
Messenger Screen-names:
Time Zone:

Character you're applying for:
Short Biography:
Journal/Log Sample: (choose either a first person journal entry or a third person log to do)

Finally, if your character is a student in the trio era, how will they react to the arrival of those from 1978? If your character is from the Marauder Era, how will they react when they're transported to the future?

Post all applications in this post! All comments are screened so that only the mod(s) can see them!

Good luck!
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Character List [Aug. 4th, 2006|07:27 pm]
Measured Time
Trio Era


Brown, Lavender
Finnigan, Seamus
Granger, Hermione
Longbottom, Neville
Patil, Parvati
Potter, Harry
Thomas, Dean
Weasley, Ron
Creevey, Colin
Hooper, Geoffrey
Kirke, Andrew
Robins, Demelza
Sloper, Jack
Weasley, Ginny
Vane, Romilda
Creevey, Dennis


Abbott, Hannah
Bones, Susan
Finch-Fletchley, Justin
Hopkins, Wayne
Jones, Megan
Macmillan, Ernie
Midgen, Eloise
Perks, Sally-Anne
Smith, Zacharias


Boot, Terry
Brocklehurst, Mandy
Corner, Michael
Goldstein, Anthony
Li, Su
Lovegood, Luna
MacDougal, Morag
Patil, Padma
Turpin, Lisa


Bulstrode, Millicent
Crabbe, Vincent
Davis, Tracey
Goyle, Gregory
Greengrass, Daphne
Malfoy, Draco
Nott, Theodore
Parkinson, Pansy
Zabini, Blaise

Professor McGonagall
Professor Slughorn
Severus Snape (still partly in hiding. Can find a way to make him come back)
Professor Sprout
Professor Trelawney
(others that you want/can think of are available)

Albus Dumbledore - From the Marauders Era only.

Marauders Era

Black, Regulus
Black, Sirius
Dearborn, Caradoc
Evans, Lily
Fenwick, Benjy
Jones, Hestia
Lupin, Remus
Meadows, Dorcas
McKinnon, Marlene
Pettigrew, Peter
Potter, James
Rosier, Evan
Snape, Severus
Vance, Emmeline
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Welcome and Rules [Aug. 4th, 2006|06:25 pm]
Measured Time
Hello and welcome to measure_time. The premise of this game is a "what happens when the Trio Era meets the Marauders Era?" As you can probably gather from that synopsis, this game will combine both trio characters as well as those from the marauder generation. The game will be a bit AU based, but all characters will continue to be based off of canon information that J.K. Rowling has provided for us in her books.

Now, the basic plot:

Everyone knows that Professor Dumbledore can be a bit extreme sometimes, even if he always does it in a way that he thinks is best. Well, this time isn't any different. The Headmaster has decided that the Marauders will take a...well, a sort of "vacation," as he so puts it. Using some powerful magic that astonishes everyone in question, Dumbledore "sends" the Marauders to the future, to live amongst those in the trio generation. The year in question being Harry's seventh year. Now, all plots will be based off the first six books and the hunt for all the Horcruxes is still underway, so that doesn't change. The only difference is that now, the Marauders' generation is here to help/distract.

Kids will meet the younger versions of their parents and in Harry and Neville's cases, they'll be able to talk and interact with their parents. And then there will be the occasion cases of adults being reintroduced to their younger counterparts (Snape, for instance!) Of course, the marauders will be entering their seventh year, too when this "trip" happens, so everyone will be the same age as everyone else! This game will be light and funny, with a bit of crack, too, but it will be plot-centric.


The following rules must be followed or it will result in you being dismissed from the game.

1. No Godmodding! This cannot stress this enough. Having other characters do things that their player doesn't want them to do is a no-no. If you want another character to do something, as the player of that character!

2. What is done or said In Character (IC) should stay IC. Out of Character business and conversations should stay OOC! Do not confuse these two as it will create a lot of unnecessary drama and that is not allowed here. Also, do not bash your fellow players; respect them and how they play their character(s). If you have a problem with them, contact a mod and they'll handle the situation.

3. All journal entries to the character's journals are to remain in FIRST PERSON.

4. All logs are to be posted to the log community and must be in THIRD PERSON.

5. When making journal entries or replying to comments, please do not use actions, ie. ( *kicks Prongs*) and smiles ( :D , :p, etc.).

6. You must be active. If you do not post to your journal once a week, a mod will e-mail you and ask for you to step it up. However, if it continues, you'll be asked to leave the game. Logs and owls will be counted towards your participation as well. You may send three owls or participate in two logs to equal that one journal entry. Also, please reply to journals as well so you can be active.

7. All major plots should be approved by the mod(s) before starting and posting about them. All others that are minor in the grand scheme of things should be posted in the ooc and discussed with those players who will be taking part in them. Please do not create plots that will conflict with the plots the mod(s) have already planned.

8. Please try and keep the character(s) you play as close to canon as possible. Do not, however, make them so ooc that we and everyone else will want to stab our eyes out. It's true that there isn't much known about all these characters and so you're given free license to make them how you think they should be, but remember the clues and tidbits of information J.K. Rowling has already given us. Take that bit of information and expand it. Players who have characters that have none or very little background have the freedom to make their characters the way they want, but please do not make them Mary Sues or Gary Sues – everyone has faults, even in the rpg world!

9. Please make it so that everyone can see and reply to your character’s journal entries. If you want something private between two characters, send an owl or set up a log. Whatever is posted in the journals is open game for any character to reply to. That means that there are no private conversations between characters on their journals. Meaning no: [Private to Harry] posts or comments. Logs and owls are for those sorts of discussions.

10. You may strike-out things and when your character reads the entry, you must treat it as if it’s something that has actually been crossed out. Generally this means that you won’t be able to read it.

11. Please use the mood and location options when posting. This makes it easier for other players to get a feel for where your character is and how they're doing though the information in an entry may contradict this. Mood and location information is not something other characters are privy to unless they find out through direct contact or another character who knows. (This rule is optional, however, but highly recommended that you use it)

12. It is recommended that you have either yim, aim, or msn so that the mods and other players can contact you at all times.

13. All OOC posts will be made to mt_ooc and will need to be FRIENDS LOCKED!

14. The students that go to Hogwarts are mostly British and so, they speak/type Britishism. That means that they like S's instead of Z's. For example: Characterization = characterization Please keep this and the time period in mind when you're playing.

14. Have fun!

Logging Information

1. Logs are third person narratives written by one, two, three, or ever more people and are posted in mt_logs. They are designed to give a third person account of a scene that can not be acted out in the journals. Logs help players get into the actions and emotions of the characters and allows them to further relationships with friends, enemies, and even lovers. When logging, please make sure there is a plot. We're not here to log strictly NC-17 material. We're here to improve our characterization and interaction with our characters. That's the basis of logs and we expect you to abide by that. Any logs that seem to be pointless and plotless will be removed from the Logs community.

2. In addition, when logging, use description. Use dialogue. Use all things that make third-person narratives great! Don't just use dialogue or description (unless it's a one person log for the latter).

3. Logs can be done by one person, but we suggest that this be done sparingly and only as a result of furthering a plot and getting inside the head of a character. This will let you, as the player, get the thoughts and emotions out for your character for other players and watchers to see, without having to worry about characters butting in.

Guidelines for Posting

Posting Guidelines

How to post a log:

To post a log, use the following format:
Subject: Log: Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger

Entry itself: Date:
Then LJ cut the actual log itself.

How to post an Owl Post

To post an owl post, use the following format
Subject: Owl Post: Albus Dumbledore to Minerva McGonagall

Entry: Message here, under an LJ CUT.

All rules and guidelines are subject to change at the mod(s) discretion.
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